What can be the ideal 21st birthday present ideas for a boyfriend that close to you? Twenty first anniversary – 21st birthday’s meant to be special and unforgetable moment for men.

Read this article on 21st birthday presents or gift ideas for someone if you know he’s going to be turning 21 soon. In addition, you might be interested viewing the list of famous people who share special 21st birthday moment with him. Turning 21st means a lot things in men’s life. Therefore, celebrating it in a big way would be a very cool idea.

21st birthday present ideasFor all those girls who wish to impress their boyfriends, it is important to know that the 21st birthday gift ideas for him should be something unique, different and memorable from the normal gifts.

Here we have an article providing gift ideas for 21st birthday presents for your men.

Memorable 21st birthday gift ideas

The 21st birthday is really a special affair. If you have a special friend or a brother who is turning 21 recently, then it is time to celebrate that special day with them. Here are some great ideas about the kind of 21st birthday presents that you can give to your friend or brother and commemorate their accomplishment. Here are some unique 21st birthday gift ideas, some of them are time tested and well proven, while some of them are recent unique ideas.

Here is a time tested idea of gifting a personal beer mug as a 21st birthday gift. What I mean by personal beer mug is, you can engrave their name on the mug along with a short and sweet message about exactly what and how you feel about them. That is something that they are going to absolutely love. Therefore, a personal beer mug is an ideal 21st birthday gift which will be highly appreciated.

Keeping the continuity, you can also gift customised shot glasses that are pretty small so that can be put on the shelf too. There are loads of shot glasses that have lovely quotes, graphics and other sayings engraved on them. Even if your friend does not use it, he is sure to keep it with him for a lifetime. So, this birthday, as a 21st birthday present, gift them a customised engraved shot glass.

Another cool idea would be to let them make their own drink! What about gifting those real luxurious items like a bar ware? After the fun filled party is over and everyone is tired, they can still make their own drinks with a set of bar ware. You can personalize the set to make them all the more special for them. That would also make the gift a lot more meaningful too. It is one 21st birthday gift that they are going to appreciate always. There is a very famous saying which is pretty worthy in this context, and that is-“give a man a peg to drink and he will drink in a moment, gift him a set of bar ware and he can drink for one life time.” Along with a bar ware, you can also buy a bar sign. Together the bar ware and the bar sign looks great. You can also personalize the bar ware by engraving their name on it.

Another time tested formula is to gift them photo frames. Your friend or brother must have innumerable special moments happening in their lives. They can now gather them all together and put them up in good looking photo frames. That is one great chance to keep their families close to their heart always. Photo frames are very fancy items that easily attract a person who is planning to buy a gift. Thus, photo frames are easily the most popular 21st birthday gift for that special friend or a brother moving towards a brighter future.

Here were some great ideas about 21st birthday present, hope the ideas would make that 21st birthday a really memorable one.

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In addition to the above gift ideas, electronic gadgets can be one of the best 21st birthday gifts for men. We know that guys love to own the latest and most stylish gadgets such as a laptop, i-pod, smart phone (newest android phone, iPhone 4S or iPad), or you could present him with a giant television LCD set, if money does not matter to you. Now imagine, whenever he watch his pavorite TV shows or sport events he could "see your smily face in the big screen".

Do not forget to be sure to have the gift delivered at his home as a surprise and you can be assured that he will appreciate your gift idea so much!

Happy 21st Birthday