If you are looking to find the best 30th birthday gift ideas for him, then you have come to the right page, where you can get the best tips and recommendations that you can give to a man who is turning 30 this year.

Basically, a man who is turning 30, is not considered a young adult anymore, but is far from being an old man yet. Given this, you will find men of this age a bit confused on what they want, because they can tend to look back on what they used to be a few years ago, while some are also looking forward to what is in stored for them in the future.

There can be lots of 30th birthday gift ideas for him that you will see from blogs and articles online. Nonetheless, the most special gift that you can give to this person on his 30th birthday, is to be with him on his special day, and celebrate another phase in his life, that will surely be embed in his memories forever.

Anyway, a man who is turning 30 is still exploring the fun side of his life. Nonetheless, since this man has come to its prime stage already, you can expect this person to be more matured and responsible already, especially when it comes to his obligations. Given these characteristics, you can now base some of the best gifts that you can give to this person, and expect that your gift will be much appreciated.

30th Birthday gift ideas

1. TOOLS – A man who has turned 30 is most likely into maintaining and improving his car’s engine and system. If you can give him some tools that can be useful when he needs to fix something from his car, he will definitely appreciate it. Multi tools and power tools can be your best bet on this.

2. GADGETS – men in general, regardless of age, loves to receive any type of gadget, so long as it is useful and trending. You can give him a camera, camcorder, accessory for his computer, gadget for his car, laser pointer, and if you have more budget, you can get him a tablet PC, which is quite in demand these days.

3. FOOD DISCOUNT STUBS – men loves to eat. However, not all can afford to eat from his favorite restaurant every day, especially if the restaurant offers expensive entrées, suitable for special occasions only. Since it is his birthday, you can give him discount stubs from his favorite restaurant, so he can enjoy delicious meals on his birthday, until the following days, depending on how much food discount stubs you have given him for his gift on his 30th birthday.

Here are a few more 30th birthday gift ideas for him, husband or boyfriends:

  • Sports equipment can be a good 30th birthday gift ideas for men who are really enjoy of some kind of sport and games. For examples: a swimming costume and goggles, trekking shoes and essentials, new sport shoes, a basketball for regular practice and exercise equipment.
  • A giant Plasma TV! He will not resist this gift unless he has one.
  • Wrist watch could be one of the finest 30th birthday gifts for men. We all know that men love sporty wrist watches which make them look good.
  • Unique wall frames can also be one of the best 30th birthday gifts for men.
  • An adventurous trip book (camping, skydiving)
  • A nice quite romantic dinner for both of you.
  • A musical gift idea – music from the year they were born.
  • 30 dollar birthday shirts with big number 30 on it.

romantic 30th birthday giftsbig screen tv for 30th birthdayI'm 30 shirts

These are just some of the cool 30th birthday gift ideas you can give him, on his special day. However, you should always keep in mind that a gift should be given, according to the personality of one person, to make sure that he will be appreciating it.