HERE are some 70th birthday gift ideas for men, husband, dad or grandfather that are meant to be special gift for years to come.

Finding the birthday gifts for someone who is turning 70 could be an easy and a complicated thing at once. Surely, it is easy if you already have known what he wants or needs. On the other hand, it will be something difficult when you are not really close to him and do not know what he likes and what he does not like.

Various gift ideas below could be great sources of inspiration for you.

1) Knitted Sweater

70th birthday shirts

Knitted sweater is a must-have thing for grandpa and he probably has bought some sweaters in various colors. But, there is nothing wrong to bring this one together with other birthday gifts for grandpa turning 70.

This gift is a symbol of love and care, since people are commonly getting more sensitive to cold when they are getting older too, including your grandpa. 

2) Leather Gifts

The leather gifts are the symbol of masculinity. However, it would be the symbol of classic but elegant things when given to elderly person, including your grandpa. The first example is a leather watch box. This one of awesome birthday gifts for grandpa turning 70 will bring smile on his face. He probably has a collection of watches, but the unique watch box would be a unique thing in his golden age. For grandpa, watches are more important to collect than any other else. So, bringing this kind of gift will add the list of his valuable collection. Besides, the leather jacket would be a great gift idea too. If he is still running a business and goes travelling very often, a pair of leather shoes would make him happy.

3) Car Utility Kit

This is the next one of recommended birthday gifts for grandpa turning 70. When turning 70, a grandpa is not as strong as when he was young. But, driving a car would still become an interesting thing to do sometimes. Buying him the car utility kit is a perfect idea which lets him to use it during the long trip. This kit is designed in such a way for emergency cases and it consists of three slots for holding a pen, the flashlight as well as the tire gauge. Surely, this gift shows how much you care. If you have extra money, you can buy the exclusive one and wrap it perfectly. Also, you may add ribbon and a gift card which consists of few lines of poem for you beloved grandpa.

4) Music and Traveling

Music and traveling are the two most popular birthday gifts for grandpa turning 70. It’s great to have the CD from most popular music group/band in his era. Surely, the easy listening songs would accompany him on the morning or evening and could help him recalling his memories.

70th birthday gift ideasThe surprise vacation could be the sweet birthday gift for him as well. Surely, you may ask the answer to your grandma about the most favorite place for her husband. Absolutely, this vacation could be the most interesting traveling experience when you and (probably) your parents could join this trip and spend the time together.

Now, it’s time for you to decide which gift is really suitable for him.