LETS discover all the rich or popular celebrities, actors, actresses, leaders, sport figures and historic people who were born on your birthday, April 26th. They are Adil Ray, Amien Rais, Anthony Cumia, Arno Allan Penzias, Avi Nimni and more who share with yours.

Special birthdays reminder on April 26th, 2012: Danielle Hope (turn 20), Ignacio Lores Varela (21), Brock Gillespie (30), Cooper Wallace (30), Jon Lee (30) and Joanne Gobure (30).

Reaching middle ages: Jason Bargwanna (40), Avi Nimni (40) and Kiko Narváez (40), Michael Damian (50), Debra Wilson (50), Colin Anderson (50) and Spice Williams-Crosby (60).

Else birthdays: Bobby Rydell (turning 70), Michael Kergin (70), Claudine Auger (70), Jadwiga Staniszkis (70), Francis Lai (80). Happy birthday and wishing all for the best in coming years!

ADIL RAY 1974 British radio presenter (BBC Asian Network)
ALAN HINKES 1954 British mountaineer
AMIEN RAIS 1944 Indonesian politician
ANNA MUCHA 1980 Polish actress
ANTHONY CUMIA 1961 American radio personality (The Opie and Anthony Show)
ARIANE MOFFATT 1979 Canadian singer and songwriter
ARNO ALLAN PENZIAS 1933 German-born physicist, Nobel laureate
AVANT 1978 American singer
AVI NIMNI 1972 Israeli Footballer
BOBBY RYDELL 1942 American singer
BROCK GILLESPIE 1982 American basketball player
CARLOS BIANCHI 1949 Argentinian footballer
CAROL BURNETT 1933 American comedian
CHANNING TATUM 1980 American actor
CHRIS JOHNSTON 1977 Irish rugby player
CHRIS MARS 1961 American rock drummer (The Replacements)
CHRIS PERRY 1973 British footballer
CLAUDINE AUGER 1942 French actress
CLAUDINE CLARK 1941 American R&B singer-composer
CLIFF WATSON 1940 British rugby league footballer
COLIN ANDERSON 1962 British footballer

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