FAMOUS people who were born in June 24th are Alaa Abdelnaby, Andrew Jones, Ariel Pink, Billy Casper, Cicinho, Curt Smith, Ferdinand Biwersi and 100 more great stars.

Based on zodiac system, the people born in June 24th are known by their sun sign Cancer. It is the fourth sign of the zodiac. Generally Cancerian people love to nurture and care. They can quickly make progress in the field of what they like and they can be very good team workers.

The men are emotional and romantic and also well known for their helpful and caring ways. They are often imaginative, placid, intuitive, perceptive and sensitive with a sympathetic warmth. Cancerian are cautious and protective. They love to work at home and family oriented. They also enjoy being flattered. However, don’t be surprised if these men can be harsh and critical sometimes.


Choosing the best birthday gifts for people who were born in June 24th can be time consuming and frustrating for some. When shopping for Cancerian men, please remember that they could be sensitive in nature, therefore they will appreciate the thought behind the gifts.

Some ideas that may good for them are: gift to remind them of their loved such as ruby red framed family picture, collectibles July gift of astrological birthstone, cufflinks, artwork with larkspur as the theme, birthday-themed cookie gift bouquet, Cancer The Crab coffee mug, ruby red candles, bath accessories or a set of gourmet cookbooks or a bit luxury gift such as moonlit ocean cruise for them.

The present need not be expensive, even a small thoughtful gift can make them smile on their birthday. If your on the lookout for something unique that will be remembered for many years to come by your boyfriend, brother, son, or grandchild, then buying birthday gifts online would be possible and easy way to do nowadays.


Here are the inspiring 100 famous, rich and wealthy popular celebrities, actors, actresses, leaders, sport figures or historic people who come from more than 150 different nations such as Egypt, Germany, Australia, Scotland, Canada, USA, United Kingdom, Greece and Chile who share on June 24th birthday – Page 1 of 3:

1968-06-24 ALAA ABDELNABY Egyptian-American basketball player
1973-06-24 ALEXANDER BEYER German actor
1980-06-24 ANDREW JONES Australian racing driver
1924-06-24 ARCHIE ROY Scottish astronomer, academic and paranormal researcher
1978-06-24 ARIEL PINK American recording artist
1944-06-24 ARTHUR BROWN English singer
1987-06-24 ARTURO LUPOLI Italian footballer
1961-06-24 BERNIE NICHOLLS Canadian ice hockey player
1967-06-24 BILL HUARD Canadian ice hockey player
1931-06-24 BILLY CASPER American golfer
1976-06-24 BROCK OLIVO American football player
1975-06-24 CARLA GALLO American actress
1977-06-24 CAS JANSEN Dutch actor
1971-06-24 CHRISTOPHER SHOWERMAN American actor
1980-06-24 CICINHO Brazilian footballer
1982-06-24 CLINT BAJADA Maltese television and radio presenter
1945-06-24 COLIN BLUNSTONE English singer and songwriter (The Zombies)
1987-06-24 CRAIG HENDERSON New Zealand footballer
1979-06-24 CRAIG SHERGOLD British internet folklore subject
1961-06-24 CURT SMITH English bassist, keyboardist, singer and songwriter (Tears for Fears)
1946-06-24 DAVID COLLENETTE Canadian politician
1951-06-24 DAVID RODIGAN Germany-born British radio DJ and actor
1972-06-24 DENIS ŽVEGELJ Slovenian rower
1977-06-24 DIMOSTHENIS DIKOUDIS Greek basketball player
1955-06-24 EDMUND MALURA German footballer
1942-06-24 EDUARDO FREI RUIZ-TAGLE Chilean president
1978-06-24 EMPPU VUORINEN Finnish guitarist (Nightwish)
1960-06-24 ERIK POPPE Norwegian film director
1975-06-24 FEDERICO PUCCIARIELLO Argentine-born Italian rugby player
1934-06-24 FERDINAND BIWERSI German football referee
1964-06-24 GARY SUTER American ice hockey player
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