FAMOUS people who share my birthday in which September 1st are Aamir Ali, Abdur Rahman Biswas, Al Geiberger, Barry Gibb, Billy Blanks, Camile Velasco, Daniel Sturridge and 111 more great men and women.

These inspiring 111 famous, rich and wealthy popular celebrities, actors, actresses, leaders, sport figures or historic people come from more many different places such as United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Japan, Italy and Germany.

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1977-09-01 AAMIR ALI Indian television actor
1977-09-01 AARON SCHOBEL American football player
1926-09-01 ABDUR RAHMAN BISWAS President of Bangladesh
1981-09-01 ADAM QUICK Australian basketball player
1937-09-01 AL GEIBERGER American golfer
1947-09-01 AL GREEN American politician
1938-09-01 ALAN DERSHOWITZ American attorney and author
1986-09-01 ANTHONY ALLEN English rugby union player
1977-09-01 ARSALAN IFTIKHAR American attorney and Muslim advocate
1946-09-01 BARRY GIBB English singer (Bee Gees)
1953-09-01 BEAU BILLINGSLEA American voice actor
1956-09-01 BERNIE WAGENBLAST American broadcaster and editor
1994-09-01 BIANCA RYAN American singer
1989-09-01 BILL KAULITZ German singer
1955-09-01 BILLY BLANKS American martial artist
1964-09-01 BRIAN BELLOWS Canadian ice hockey player
1955-09-01 BRUCE FOXTON English bassist (The Jam)
1974-09-01 BURN GORMAN American-born British actor
1942-09-01 C. J. CHERRYH American writer
1985-09-01 CAMILE VELASCO Filipino-American singer
1963-09-01 CAROLA SMIT Dutch singer
1931-09-01 CECIL PARKINSON British politician
1964-09-01 CÉCILIA RHODE Swedish model
1980-09-01 CHRIS RIGGOTT English footballer
1976-09-01 CLARE CONNOR England Woman cricketer
1928-09-01 CLIFFORD LINCOLN Canadian politician
1981-09-01 CLINTON PORTIS American football player
1992-09-01 CRISTIANO BIRAGHI Italian footballer
1975-09-01 CUTTINO MOBLEY American basketball player
1989-09-01 DANIEL STURRIDGE English footballer
1987-09-01 DANN HUME New Zealand musician (Evermore)

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