FAMOUS PEOPLE who share my birthday on this month of February which their names start with letter C are Cadel Evans, Calum Best, Camelia Potec, Carey Lowell, Carlos Felipe Ximenes Belo, César Izturis, Charles Barkley and 170 more great stars.

These inspiring famous and popular personalities come from different continents like America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.

See more table bellow on February birthdays of 170 well known people, their names begin with alphabet C:

1977-02-14 Cadel Evans Australian cyclist, was born on Valentines Day
1971-02-20 Calpernia Addams transgender activist
1981-02-06 Calum Best American model
1984-02-29 Cam Ward Canadian ice hockey player
1982-02-19 Camelia Potec Romanian swimmer
1981-02-27 Cameron Ling Australian Rules footballer
1980-02-08 Cameron Muncey Australian guitarist (Jet)
1990-02-09 Camille Winbush American actress
1976-02-04 Cam’ron American rapper
1961-02-11 Carey Lowell American actress
1965-02-02 Carl Airey English footballer
1944-02-14 Carl Bernstein American journalist, was born on Valentines Day
1959-02-25 Carl Marotte Canadian actor
1947-02-09 Carla Del Ponte Swiss UN prosecutor
1948-02-03 Carlos Felipe Ximenes Belo – East Timorese politician, Nobel Peace laureate
Popular People Who Share My Birthday in February (Letter C)
1947-02-18 Carlos Lopes Portuguese athlete
1971-02-06 Carlos Rogers American basketball player
1984-02-05 Carlos Tévez Argentinine footballer
1986-02-05 Carlos Villanueva Chilean footballer
1983-02-12 Carlton Brewster American football player
1979-02-21 Carly Colón Puerto Rican professional wrestler
1989-02-13 Carly McKillip Canadian actress
1988-02-04 Carly Patterson American gymnast
1957-02-07 Carney Lansford American baseball player
1947-02-22 Carol Burns Australian actress
1942-02-13 Carol Lynley American actress
1960-02-18 Carol McGiffin British TV and radio presenter
1942-02-09 Carole King American singer
1985-02-26 Carolin Nytra German athlete
1983-02-02 Carolina Klüft Swedish athlete
1987-02-08 Carolina Kostner Italian figure skater
1933-02-13 Caroline Blakiston British actress
1965-02-25 Carrot Top American comedian
1974-02-27 Carte Goodwin American politician, junior senator of West Virginia
1956-02-11 Catherine Hickland American actress
1973-02-16 Cathy Freeman Australian athlete
1965-02-19 Cathy Lane English Swimmer
1979-02-07 Cerina Vincent American actress
1951-02-25 César Cedeño Dominican baseball player
1980-02-10 César Izturis Venezuelan baseball player
1932-02-05 Cesare Maldini Italian footballer and manager
1961-02-13 Cevin Key Canadian musician (Skinny Puppy, Subconscious Communications)
1974-02-24 Chad Hugo American musician (N*E*R*D) and producer (The Neptunes)
1977-02-21 Chad Hutchinson baseball and football player
1976-02-26 Chad Urmston American musician
1976-02-18 Chanda Rubin American tennis player
1982-02-21 Chantal Claret American musician
1967-02-17 Chanté Moore American singer
1942-02-27 Charlayne Hunter-Gault American journalist
1963-02-20 Charles Barkley American basketball player
1943-02-28 Charles Bernstein American composer
1989-02-28 Charles Jenkins American basketball player
1955-02-09 Charles Shaughnessy British actor
1981-02-23 Charles Tillman American football player
1956-02-20 Charlie Adler American voice actor
1976-02-09 Charlie Day American actor
1972-02-13 Charlie Garner American football player
1942-02-20 Charlie Gillett British radio DJ
1986-02-21 Charlotte Church Welsh singer
1946-02-05 Charlotte Rampling British actress
1980-02-27 Chelsea Clinton daughter of Bill and Hillary Clinton
1975-02-25 Chelsea Handler American comedian and actress
1985-02-18 Chelsea Hobbs American actress
1960-02-16 Cherie Chung Hong Kong actress
1955-02-12 Chet Lemon American baseball player
Popular People Who Share My Birthday in February (Letter C)
1967-02-07 Cheung Man Hong Kong actress
1957-02-03 Chico Serra Brazilian racing driver
1987-02-24 Chieko Kawabe Japanese singer, model and actress
1971-02-27 Chilli Thomas American singer (TLC)
1967-02-12 Chitravina N. Ravikiran Indian composer and musician
1997-02-10 Chloë Moretz American actress
1987-02-10 Choi Siwon South Korean singer (Super Junior)
1989-02-17 Chord Overstreet American actor
1982-02-25 Chris Baird Irish footballer
1946-02-01 Chris Clark Motown Soul singer
1980-02-29 Chris Conley American musician
1965-02-22 Chris Dudley American basketball player
1973-02-24 Chris Fehn American percussionist (Slipknot)
1967-02-12 Chris McKinstry Canadian computer scientist
1974-02-22 Chris Moyles English DJ
1958-02-09 Chris Nilan hockey player
1967-02-05 Chris Parnell American actor
1961-02-25 Chris Pitman American keyboardist (Guns N’ Roses)
1984-02-19 Chris Richardson American Idol finalist
1965-02-07 Chris Rock American actor and comedian
1948-02-11 Chris Rush American stand-up comedian
1982-02-04 Chris Sabin American professional wrestler
1981-02-20 Chris Thile American musician
1967-02-23 Chris Vrenna American musician, producer and sound engineer Nine Inch Nails, Tweaker
1982-02-09 Chris Weale English footballer
1977-02-18 Chrissie Wellington British triathlete
1973-02-16 Christian Bassedas Argentine footballer
1976-02-12 Christian Cullen New Zealand rugby union footballer
1983-02-07 Christian Klien Austrian racing driver
1954-02-02 Christie Brinkley American model
Popular People Who Share My Birthday in February (Letter C)
1993-02-25 Christina Kirkman American actress
1973-02-24 Christína Papadáki Greek tennis player
1935-02-17 Christina Pickles UK-born American actress
1980-02-12 Christina Ricci American actress
1944-02-06 Christine Boutin French politician
1953-02-21 Christine Ebersole American actress
1965-02-12 Christine Elise American actress
1942-02-22 Christine Keeler English model and showgirl
1991-02-11 Christofer Ingle American musician (Never Shout Never)
1961-02-21 Christopher Atkins American actor
1964-02-16 Christopher Eccleston English actor
1954-02-09 Christopher Gardner American entrepreneur
1948-02-05 Christopher Guest American film actor and director
1955-02-15 Christopher McDonald American actor
1980-02-25 Christy Knowings American actress
1958-02-15 Chrystine Brouillet Quebec novelist
1954-02-01 Chuck Dukowski American musician (Black Flag)
1962-02-21 Chuck Palahniuk American writer
1968-02-29 Chucky Brown American basketball player
1968-02-12 Chynna Phillips American singer
1953-02-09 Ciarán Hinds Northern Irish actor
1966-02-20 Cindy Crawford American model
1957-02-28 Cindy Wilson American singer (The B-52’s)
1991-02-26 CL South Korean singer/rapper (2NE1)
1931-02-15 Claire Bloom British actress
1979-02-24 Claire Cooper British actress
1939-02-18 Claude Ake Nigerian political scientist
1973-02-18 Claude Makélélé French footballer
1942-02-20 Claude Miller French film director and screenwriter
1968-02-08 Claudette Pace Maltese singer
Popular People Who Share My Birthday in February (Letter C)
1963-02-28 Claudio Chiappucci Italian cyclist
1973-02-22 Claus Lundekvam Norwegian footballer
1959-02-23 Clayton Anderson American astronaut
1975-02-12 Cliff Blezinski Design Director for Epic Games
1946-02-12 Cliff DeYoung American actor and musician
1954-02-05 Cliff Martinez American musician
1962-02-04 Clint Black American musician
1969-02-22 Clinton Kelly American TV personality
1980-02-29 Clinton Toopi New Zealand rugby league footballer
1936-02-09 Clive Swift British actor
1984-02-24 Clivio Piccione Monegasque racing driver
1990-02-18 Cody Hodgson Canadian hockey player
1942-02-24 Colin Bond Australian racing driver
1967-02-28 Colin Cooper English footballer
1974-02-27 Colin Edwards American motorcycle racer
1973-02-09 Colin Egglesfield American actor
1946-02-13 Colin Matthews British composer
1980-02-15 Conor Oberst American singer and songwriter (Bright Eyes)
1971-02-18 Constantin Popa Romanian-born Israeli basketball player
1989-02-21 Corbin Bleu American actor and singer
1969-02-21 Corey Harris American musician
1979-02-26 Corinne Bailey Rae English singer
1983-02-08 Cory Jane New Zealand rugby player
1942-02-05 Cory Wells American singer (Three Dog Night)
1961-02-18 Cosmo Wilson American concert lighting designer
1933-02-13 Costa Gavras Greek-French filmmaker
1943-02-17 Costas Azariadis Greek macroeconomist
1983-02-23 Courtney Culkin American Playboy Playmate
1989-02-06 Craig Cathcart Irish footballer
1972-02-11 Craig Jones American musician (Slipknot)
Popular People Who Share My Birthday in February (Letter C)
1943-02-05 Craig Morton American football player
1943-02-08 Creed Bratton American actor and musician
1972-02-09 Crispin Freeman American voice actor
1976-02-24 Crista Flanagan American comedian
1985-02-05 Cristiano Ronaldo Portuguese footballer
1953-02-19 Cristina Fernández de Kirchner – President of Argentina
1950-02-08 Cristina Ferrare American former supermodel and actress
1989-02-05 Cristine Reyes Filipino actress
1985-02-05 Crystal Hunt American actress
1986-02-26 Crystal Kay Japanese singer
1984-02-29 Cullen Jones American swimmer
1967-02-26 Currie Graham Canadian actor
1950-02-18 Cybill Shepherd American actress
1964-02-07 Cynthia Woodhead American swimmer
1958-02-09 Cyrille Regis English former footballer

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