Top May Birthdays:
List of 30 famous people whose names start with letter I, who were born in May. They are Ian Astbury, Ian Khan, Ian Pearce, Ian Watkins, and more well-known artists, racing drivers, singers, footballers, actors, cosmonauts, or cricketers.

See bellow for the list of famous people with birthdays in May that named starting I:

1962-5-14 Ian Astbury English singer
1970-5-28 Ian Cashmore English actor and paranormal investigator
1960-5-12 Ian Khan British racing driver
1959-5-5 Ian McCulloch English singer (Echo & the Bunnymen)
1974-5-7 Ian Pearce English footballer
1985-5-31 Ian Vougioukas Greek basketball player
1976-5-8 Ian Watkins Welsh singer and actor (Steps)
1971-5-30 Idina Menzel American actress and singer
1982-5-3 Igor Olshansky Ukrainian-born American football player
1981-5-20 Iker Casillas Spanish footballer
1977-5-23 Ilia Kulik Russian figure skater
1977-5-13 Ilse DeLange Dutch singer
1982-5-20 Imran Farhat Pakistani cricketer
1959-5-4 Inger Nilsson Swedish actress
1956-5-20 Ingvar Ambjørnsen Norwegian author
1977-5-9 Iñigo Landaluze Spanish cyclist
1978-5-2 Intars Busulis Latvian singer, trombone player
1979-5-2 Ioannis Kanotidis Greek footballer
1990-5-4 Irina Falconi American tennis player
1981-5-26 Irini Merkouri Greek singer
1985-5-21 Isa Guha English cricketer
1981-5-26 Isaac Slade American musician (The Fray)
1971-5-28 Isabelle Carré French actress
1982-5-24 Issah Ahmed Ghanaian football player
1955-5-22 Iva Davies Australian rock star (Icehouse)
1964-5-25 Ivan Bella Slovak cosmonaut
1963-5-24 Ivan Capelli Italian racing driver
1972-5-27 Ivete Sangalo Brazilian singer
1985-5-13 Iwan Rheon Welsh stage/television actor and singer

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