Top May Birthdays:
List of 70 famous people whose names start with letter N, who were born in May.

They are Nadia Khan, Nadine Dorries, Nana Kitade, Nancy Juvonen, Neil Crone and more great men or women.

See bellow for the list of famous people with birthdays in May that named starting N:

1979-5-22 Nadia Khan Pakistani TV presenter
1984-5-8 Nadine Chandrawinata Indonesian beauty pageant contestant
1957-5-21 Nadine Dorries British Conservative politician
1980-5-10 Namitha Kapoor Indian actress
1987-5-2 Nana Kitade Japanese singer
1983-5-16 Nancy Ajram Lebanese singer
1967-5-18 Nancy Juvonen American film producer
1970-5-23 Nanette Burstein American director/producer
1962-5-18 Nanne Grönvall Swedish singer
1972-5-6 Naoko Takahashi Japanese long-distance runner
1970-5-22 Naomi Campbell British model and actress
1969-5-30 Naomi Kawase Japanese film director
1970-5-8 Naomi Klein Canadian author and activist
1971-5-14 Nasha Aziz Malaysian actress and model
1977-5-19 Natalia Oreiro Uruguayan singer and actress
1983-5-10 Natalia Zabala Spanish beauty pageant contestant
1973-5-14 Natalie Appleton Canadian-born singer
1988-5-7 Natalie Mejia American dancer and singer (Girlicious)
1975-5-29 Natarsha Belling Australian news presenter
1986-5-4 Nate Novarro American drummer (Cobra Starship)
1984-5-31 Nate Robinson American basketball player
1968-5-8 Nathalie Normandeau Quebec politician
1999-5-5 Nathan Chen American figure skater
1985-5-29 Nathan Horton Canadian ice hockey player
1982-5-27 Nattie Neidhart Canadian professional wrestler
1984-5-20 Naturi Naughton singer (3LW) and actress
1985-5-31 Navene Koperweis American musician
1957-5-7 Ned Bellamy American actor
1988-5-2 Neftali Feliz Dominican baseball player
1960-5-29 Neil Crone Canadian actor
1958-5-27 Neil Finn New Zealand singer / songwriter (Split Enz, Crowded House)
1977-5-13 Neil Hopkins American actor
1953-5-24 Nell Campbell American actress and singer
1974-5-18 Nelson Figueroa American baseball player
1970-5-30 Ness Wadia Indian industrialist
1977-5-4 Nestoras Kommatos Greek basketball player
1988-5-1 Nicholas Braun American actor
1981-5-6 Nicholas Setta American Canadian football player (Hamilton Tiger-Cats)
1959-5-21 Nick Cassavetes American actor and director
1955-5-1 Nick Feldman English musician
1977-5-10 Nick Heidfeld German Formula One driver
1966-5-31 Nick Scotti American actor and singer
1975-5-26 Nicki Aycox American actress
1975-5-14 Nicki Sørensen Danish road bicycle racer
1983-5-17 Nicky Hofs Dutch footballer
1970-5-11 Nicky Katt American actor
1980-5-6 Nicole Brunner American actress
1984-5-14 Nigel Reo-Coker English footballer
1984-5-18 Niki Terpstra Dutch cyclist
1990-5-25 Nikita Filatov Russian ice hockey player

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