Gift Ideas – The famous Irish people who share birthday on January are Colin Morgan, Phillip Mulryne, Billy Mehmet, Robert Sheehan, Chris Casement, Gareth McLearnon, Audrey Dalton and 46 more great stars.

These 46 Irish people are well-known in various backgrounds such as singers, actors, politicians, businessmen, sports figures, etc. If you are fans of them, what would you like to give them for their birthday? No matter what birthday gift you gonna buy them, you might need to make it unusual than before.

More on January birthdays of 46 popular Irish people:

1986-1-01 Colin Morgan Northern Irish actor
1974-1-01 Eva Birthistle Irish actress
1978-1-01 Phillip Mulryne Northern Irish footballer
1985-1-01 Steven Davis Northern Irish footballer
1984-1-03 Billy Mehmet Irish footballer
1977-1-04 Dan Shanahan Irish hurler
1977-1-04 Tim Wheeler Irish singer (Ash)
1979-1-05 Ronnie O’Brien Irish footballer
1986-1-06 Paul McShane Irish footballer
1988-1-07 Robert Sheehan Irish actor
1980-1-07 Zöe Salmon Northern Irish television presenter
1929-1-09 Brian Friel Irish dramatist
1979-1-11 Henry Shefflin Irish hurler
1978-1-11 Michael Duff Northern Irish footballer
1988-1-12 Chris Casement Irish footballer
1964-1-13 Ronan Rafferty Northern Irish golfer
1980-1-14 Clive Clarke Irish footballer
1965-1-15 James Nesbitt Northern Irish actor
1970-1-16 Garth Ennis Irish comic book author
1980-1-17 Gareth McLearnon Northern Irish flautist
1981-1-17 Warren Feeney Northern Irish footballer
1976-1-18 Damien Leith Irish-born Australian singer, winner of Australian Idol 2006
1955-1-18 Fergus Martin Irish artist
1933-1-18 John Boorman Irish film director
1937-1-18 John Hume Northern Irish politician, recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1998
1977-1-18 Richard Wall Irish actor
1983-1-18 Samantha Mumba Irish singer and actress
1949-1-19 Dennis Taylor Northern Irish snooker player
1969-1-19 Steve Staunton Irish footballer
1934-1-21 Audrey Dalton Irish actress
1979-1-21 Brian O’Driscoll Irish rugby union footballer
1967-1-22 Eleanor McEvoy Irish singer and songwriter
1987-1-22 Shane Long Irish footballer
1988-1-23 Alan Power Irish footballer
1970-1-23 Brendan O’Connor Irish journalist, satirist
1966-1-24 Jimeoin Northern Irish comedian
1992-1-25 Ciaran Donnelly Irish Legend
1951-1-27 Brian Downey Irish musician (drummer) (Thin Lizzy)
1972-1-27 Keith Wood Irish rugby player
1944-1-27 Mairéad Corrigan Irish activist, Nobel laureate
1978-1-28 Stephen Farrelly Irish professional wrestler
1945-1-29 Jim Nicholson Irish politician
1948-1-29 Pat Kenny Irish TV presenter and radio host
1987-1-30 Rebecca Knox Irish professional wrestler
1971-1-31 Patrick Kielty Northern Irish comedian
1978-1-31 Ray Shah Irish radio presenter

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