What Famous People Share My Birthday in which June 30th? They are Alexandra Christina Manley, Andy Knowles, Anette Michel, Ben Cousins, Can Artam, Cody Rhodes, Fantasia Barrino and 102 more great stars.

According to zodiac system people born in June 30th are known by their sun sign Cancer. It is the fourth sign of the zodiac. Typically Cancerian people are clever, resourceful, tough and strong character and wanted to dominate or subjugate others. They love to work at home and family oriented. They also enjoy being flattered.

If their education are less, they could not favored in the general society because of their weirdness and unpleasant nature.

But, they love to nurture and care. Those men are emotional and romantic type and also well known for their helpful and caring ways. They are often imaginative, placid, intuitive, perceptive and sensitive with a sympathetic warmth. Cancerian are cautious and protective. However, these men can be harsh and critical.


Choosing the right present for people who were born in June 30th can be time consuming and frustrating for some. When shopping for Cancerian men, please remember that they could be sensitive in nature, therefore they will appreciate the thought behind the gifts.

Some ideas that may perfect for them are: gift to remind them of their loved such as ruby red framed family picture, collectibles July gift of astrological birthstone, cufflinks, artwork with larkspur as the theme, birthday-themed cookie gift bouquet, Cancer The Crab coffee mug, ruby red candles, bath accessories or a set of gourmet cookbooks or a bit luxury gift such as moonlit ocean cruise for them.

The gift need not be expensive, even a small thoughtful gift can make them smile on their birthday, and even when they think of it over years to come! However, the gifts for men born in June 30th should be something memorable can always be treasured by the recipient.


Here are the inspiring 102 famous, rich and wealthy popular celebrities, actors, actresses, leaders, sport figures or historic people who come from more than hundred different nations such as Hongkong, Italy, United States of America, United Kingdom, Greece, Australia, Finland and Germany who share on June 30th birthday – Page 1 of 3:

1964-06-30 ALEXANDRA CHRISTINA MANLEY Hong Kong-born ex-wife of Prince Joachim of Denmark
1986-06-30 ALLEGRA VERSACE Italian heiress
1982-06-30 ANDY KNOWLES British drummer (Franz Ferdinand)
1949-06-30 ANDY SCOTT British guitarist and singer (Sweet)
1971-06-30 ANETTE MICHEL Mexican actress
1965-06-30 ANNA LEVANDI Russian figure skater
1970-06-30 ANTONIO CHIMENTI Italian footballer
1936-06-30 ASSIA DJEBAR Algerian writer and filmmaker
1952-06-30 ATHANASSIOS S. FOKAS Greek mathematician
1978-06-30 BEN COUSINS Australian football player
1981-06-30 BEN UTECHT American football player
1959-06-30 BRENDAN PERRY British multi-instrumentalist (Dead Can Dance)
1983-06-30 BRENDON JAMES British drummer (Thirteen Senses)
1970-06-30 BRIAN BLOOM American actor
1981-06-30 CAN ARTAM Turkish racing driver
1973-06-30 CHAN-HO PARK South Korean baseball player
1966-06-30 CHERYL BERNARD Canadian curler
1983-06-30 CHERYL COLE British singer (Girls Aloud) and talent show judge (The X Factor)
1978-06-30 CLAUDIO RIVALTA Italian footballer
1985-06-30 CODY RHODES American wrestler
1955-06-30 DAVID ALAN GRIER American actor and comedian
1967-06-30 DAVID BUSST English former footballer
1952-06-30 DAVID GARRISON American Broadway and TV actor
1989-06-30 DAVID MYERS Australian football player
1962-06-30 DEIRDRE LOVEJOY American actress (The Wire)
1982-06-30 DELWYN YOUNG American baseball player
1958-06-30 ESA-PEKKA SALONEN Finnish conductor and composer
1985-06-30 FABIANA VALLEJOS Argentine footballer
1984-06-30 FANTASIA BARRINO American singer
1973-06-30 FRANK ROST German footballer
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