CHRISTMAS is drawing near this December 25, 2014 and you wish to present something unique for someone special in your life. Yes, memorable Christmas gifts for boyfriend! What would you think the most creative Xmas gifts for him in such special occasion?

Well, you can actually find many different things in the market close near you or by shopping online. You just need to choose some possible choices which show your creativity. Choosing the gifts will take your valuable time of course, thus make sure to do it far in advance. So, you still have enough time to prepare the impresive gifts. You need to wrap the presents and bring them to your boyfriend in most romantic way.

The following guideline will bring top 10 creative Christmas gifts for boyfriend:

  1. Message in the Bottle
    This is the first example of top 10 creative Christmas gifts for boyfriend which requires you to craft the words into a beautiful message or letter. You may write down the sweet moments when you both spend the time together. If you are a young adult who has a plan to marry him, you can simply write your dream and wish of your future with him.
  2. Personalized Gifts
    There are a lot of choices for this category, for examples the pillow case, apron, t-shirts, mug, photo frame and more. The personal touch can be in the form adding his name on those items, adding his photos, etc. If he loves to play guitar, you can also bring him a personalized guitar pick with his most favorite guitarist name on it.
  3. Photo Canvas
    This one of special top 10 creative Christmas gifts for boyfriend is probably the most impressive romantic gift for him. The concept of this gift is to print out the photo on a large canvas. It can be his photo alone; or the photo of you and him together.
  4. Homemade Cake
    You can add the personal touch by writing his name on the cake by using cream or even add the edible picture of him on the cake surface.
  5. Scrapbook
    Scrapbook is another unique and creative gift idea for Christmas too. Anyway, you need to prepare this kind of gift far in advance. You need the unique scrapbook, photo, notes and probably some additional things to beautify every pages of the book, such as the dried roses.
  6. The USB Powered Small Desktop Aquarium
    This one of top 10 creative Christmas gifts for boyfriend comes with a unique concept. This is a fully functional small desktop fish tank which makes use of USB port power for the running water.
  7. Everything in Alphabets
    This Christmas gift idea is basically about bringing everything which start with particular letter, depend on your initial, such as sandwich for S initial.
  8. Personalized CD Music
    You can give him a CD music which consists of some romantic love songs and put his photo on the cover.
  9. Sterling Silver Band with Gemstone
    You can order a band with his birthstone on it. It requires a lot of money, but will bring the deep impression too.
  10. Christmas Decoration
    It is all about him, thus you can find him in every single piece of decoration.

Christmas Gifts 2014SO, which one of the top 10 creative Christmas gifts for boyfriend above will you choose for him? Or do you have better xmas gift ideas for him?