GIFT IDEAS On 12-12-12
And what famous people share my birthday in which December 12th? They are Ai Kato, Bill Nighy, Bob Barker, Bruce Kulick, Connie Francis, Daniel Magder, Emerson Fittipaldi and 107 more great men and women.

IF you were born on December 12, it means your birthday is oddy unique and significant for the year 2012. The day would be on Wednesday, 12-12-2012 or Monday for 12-12-2011. Have you been planning what are you up to for this special day? We think you should celebrate your birthday differently than usual celebrations since it’s a lifetime moment.

Some people are wondering and are wanting to know what will happen in 12/12/12 and will the world really end on Dec 12, 2012? Let’s just forget the forecast of Mayan Calendar and leave it that way.

According to astrological signs and dates system, people who were born on December 12th are known by their signs: SAGITTARIUS – The Archer. It is the 10th sign of the zodiac. Based on typical Sagittarius people, they are mostly freedom lovers, independence, masculine, overly optimistic, creative and very honest type of people. But the Sagittarius men sometimes are emotionally uncontrol with lack of reliability and also unresponsible for their duties.

Are you wondering what to buy your Sagittarius Man for his birthday on December 12? Buying a gift for a man can be a daunting task for some. But, the list bellow might give you a few inspiration of birthday gifts on 12/12/12.

Unique 12/12/12 Birthday Gift Ideas

  1. For a pet lover: buy him a Zoo Med Naturalistic Terrarium- 12x12x12, which is an awesome and ideal reptile or amphibian housing designed of water tight base for his home or office. Offering lockable door for safety and security.
  2. For a rock music lover: "VooDoo Shoppe 12X12X12," an album created by New Orleans indie rock group Cowboy Mouth.
  3. For men who love to play with kitchen utensils: an Acrylic Desiccator Cabinet 12X12X12 made of Bronze. It’s a sturdy cabinets which is designed to provide low humidity and particulate-free storage, use in refrigerators or at room temperature.
  4. For boyfriend who love watching a movie or his pavourite sports team on TV: get him 12 boxes of 12x12x12 size box contains 4 JUMBO size bags of popcorn. Offered delicious flavor combos like caramel, bacon cheddar, sweet cajun cheddar, sweet caramel peanut and more plavors. Then, set 12 days romantic scenes and watching load of programs together during the night.
  5. For him video games lover: celebrates his birthday with NBA 2K12 – a basketball video game features the great 15 legendary NBA players like Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Dr. J and more. It provides excellent animation make him feel like actually playing in a NBA game. Or, FIFA Soccer 12, If he like soccer games, this is the best one out there on the market which can build his ultimate team from the best football stars in the massive FIFA Ultimate Team online community. Good for one to make new friends online.
  6. For someone who loves arts: a 12×12 size Ferris Wheel Poster created by Santiago Poveda. It is made with high quality poster paper and is designed for years of enjoyment. Or a wooden human mannequin, 12 inches tall produced by Alvin. It’s a useful tool for learning to draw people.
  7. For the "retro" style boyfriend: get him an Original Penguin Men’s Jingle Sneakers. It has cool color will help him stand out from the crowd. The padded insole is extra comfortable for long hours of wear. Original Penguin is known today for its unique modern, fashionable takes on heritage American looks.
  8. For him who is Sci-Fi fan and computer nut and is always running out of USB slots: its time for you to buy him a Star Wars R2D2 USB Hub – an ideal birthday gift for boyfriend this year. It looks great on his desk too.
  9. For guys who have everything: the choice of double Swarovski crystal cufflinks, or England flavor black cufflinks

12 Original Present Ideas:

  1. Put your Sagittarius Man into unique personalized picture and give him a treat from
  2. Turning 18: a book entitled "LoveScopes: What Astrology Knows about You and the Ones You Love"
  3. Turn 20: Personalized Birthday Cheers Photo Frame
  4. For boyfriend who is turning 21: Personalized Make Your Own Stainless Steel Flask
  5. Turn 25: Your Faces on Adam and Eve Artwork
  6. Turning 30: Vintage Personalized Birthday T-Shirt for husband who loves great looking
  7. Turning 40: Golfer’s Flask for the one who is into playing golf
  8. Turning 50: Birthday Party Hat or Birthday Memories Personalized Wood Frame
  9. Turning 60: Old Geezer Car Decorating Kit or the 60th birthday vintage wine glass
  10. Turning 70: Reluctant Patient Funny Birthday Card
  11. Elvis Presley 75th birthday collection – for men who turn 75
  12. Buy your close man designer clothes as Sagittarius Man loves to be masculine and being the centre of people attention

No matter what kind of gift you buy for your Sagittarius Man, a thoughtful one, should be something memorable which can always be treasured by him.

Famous People With Odd Birthday:

Here are the inspiring 107 famous, rich or wealthy celebrities, actors, actresses, leaders, sport figures or historic people who come from various different places such as United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Japan, Russia and Brazil – Page 1/3:

1982-12-12 AI KATO Japanese actress
1963-12-12 AI ORIKASA Japanese voice actress and singer
1949-12-12 BILL NIGHY English actor
1950-12-12 BILLY SMITH Canadian ice hockey player
1923-12-12 BOB BARKER American television game show host
1923-12-12 BOB DOROUGH American jazz pianist/vocalist
1932-12-12 BOB PETTIT American basketball player
1952-12-12 Brenton Broadstock – Australian composer and academic
1977-12-12 BRIDGET HALL American supermodel
1953-12-12 BRUCE KULICK American guitarist (Kiss)
1969-12-12 CARRIE WESTCOTT American model and actress
1952-12-12 CATHY RIGBY American gymnast and actress
1985-12-12 CHRIS JENNINGS American football player
1977-12-12 COLIN WHITE Canadian ice hockey player
1938-12-12 CONNIE FRANCIS American singer
Famous People Who Share My Birthday in December
1975-12-12 CRAIG MOORE Australian footballer
1958-12-12 DAG INGEBRIGTSEN Norwegian musician
1976-12-12 DAN HAWKINS English guitarist (The Darkness)
1984-12-12 DANIEL AGGER Danish footballer
1991-12-12 DANIEL MAGDER Canadian actor
1984-12-12 DANIEL MERRETT Australian Rules Football
1953-12-12 DAVE MENIKETTI American guitarist
1985-12-12 DAVID VEIKUNE American football player
1967-12-12 DEKE SHARON American musician
1943-12-12 DICKEY BETTS American musician
1940-12-12 DIONNE WARWICK American singer
1982-12-12 DMITRY TURSUNOV Russian tennis player
1924-12-12 ED KOCH American politician
1955-12-12 EDDY SCHEPERS Belgian cyclist
1946-12-12 EMERSON FITTIPALDI Brazilian race car driver
1940-12-12 FRANCES WILLARD American magician

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