FAMOUS people who share my birthday in which December 21st are Adam Schefter, Alexa Goddard, André Arthur, Arvi Lind, Bryan Hamilton, Cristian Zaccardo, Ervin Johnson and 99 more great men and women.

These inspiring 99 famous, rich and wealthy popular celebrities, actors, actresses, leaders, sport figures or historic people come from more many different places such as United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Japan, Italy and Germany.

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1966-12-21 ADAM SCHEFTER American sports journalist
1943-12-21 ALBERT LEE English guitarist
1988-12-21 ALEXA GODDARD British R&B singer
1920-12-21 ALICIA ALONSO Cuban ballerina
1943-12-21 ANDRÉ ARTHUR Canadian radio host
1965-12-21 ANDY DICK American actor and comedian
1960-12-21 ANDY VAN SLYKE American baseball player
1965-12-21 ANKE ENGELKE German comedian
1926-12-21 ARNOŠT LUSTIG Czech author
1940-12-21 ARVI LIND Finnish news broadcaster
1953-12-21 BETTY WRIGHT American singer
1944-12-21 BILL ATKINSON English footballer
1987-12-21 BRAD HOWARD Australian footballer
1971-12-21 BRETT SCALLIONS American singer (Fuel)
1947-12-21 BRYAN HAMILTON Northern Irish footballer
Famous People Who Share My Birthday in December
1942-12-21 CARLA THOMAS American singer
1982-12-21 CHARLIE COX English actor
1954-12-21 CHRIS EVERT American tennis player
1972-12-21 CLAUDIA POLL Costa Rican swimmer
1981-12-21 CRISTIAN ZACCARDO Italian football player
1984-12-21 DARREN POTTER Irish football player
1948-12-21 DAVE KINGMAN American baseball player
1961-12-21 DEL WILKES American pro wrestler
1937-12-21 DONALD F. MUNSON American politician
1972-12-21 DUSTIN HERMANSON American baseball player
1932-12-21 EDWARD HOAGLAND American essayist
1935-12-21 EDWARD SCHREYER Canadian politician, Premier of Manitoba
1978-12-21 EMILIANO BREMBILLA Italian swimmer
1982-12-21 ERICA HAYDEN American journalist and radio personality
1967-12-21 ERVIN JOHNSON American basketball player
1972-12-21 ERWIN SCHROTT Uruguayan opera singer

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