FAMOUS people who share my birthday in which January 31st are Adam Federici, Alessandro Zanni, Allan McGregor, Arthur Wellesley, Brad Rutter, Chad Channing, Dimitris Markos and 105 more great men and women.

These inspiring 105 famous, rich and wealthy popular celebrities, actors, actresses, leaders, sport figures or historic people come from more many different places such as United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Japan, Italy and Germany.

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1985-01-31 Adam Federici Australian footballer
1954-01-31 Adrian Vandenberg Dutch musician (Whitesnake)
1984-01-31 Alessandro Zanni Italian rugby player
1950-01-31 Alexander Korzhakov Soviet bodyguard for Boris Yeltsin
1982-01-31 Allan McGregor Scottish football player
1981-01-31 Amrita Arora Indian actress
1982-01-31 Andreas Görlitz German football player
1959-01-31 Anthony LaPaglia Australian actor
1974-01-31 Ariel Pestano Cuban baseball player
1978-01-31 Arthur Wellesley Earl of Mornington, English noble
1920-01-31 Bert Williams English footballer
1964-01-31 Billey Shamrock Swedish singer
1977-01-31 Bobby Moynihan American comedian (Saturday Night Live)
1978-01-31 Brad Rutter American game show contestant
1982-01-31 Brad Thompson American baseball player
1982-01-31 Bruno Nogueira Portuguese actor, comedian and TV host
1976-01-31 Buddy Rice American race car driver
1921-01-31 Carol Channing American actress and singer
1967-01-31 Chad Channing American musician
1944-01-31 Charlie Musselwhite American musician
1931-01-31 Christopher Chataway English athlete, newscaster and politician
1939-01-31 Claude Gauthier Canadian singer and songwriter
1944-01-31 Connie Booth American writer and actress
1979-01-31 Daniel Tammet British autistic savant
1942-01-31 Daniela Bianchi Italian actress
1970-01-31 Danny Michel Canadian Musician
1951-01-31 Dave Benton Aruban singer
1966-01-31 Dexter Fletcher English actor
1971-01-31 Dimitris Markos Greek footballer
1966-01-31 Dr Umar Alisha Indian Sufi master
1982-01-31 Elena Paparizou Greek singer
1931-01-31 Ernie Banks American baseball player
1978-01-31 Fabián Caballero Argentine footballer
1967-01-31 Fat Mike American musician
1975-01-31 Fred Coleman American football player
1946-01-31 Glynn Turman American actor
1960-01-31 Grant Morrison British comic author
1951-01-31 Harry Wayne Casey American singer and musician
1967-01-31 Irene Wan Hong Kong actress
1975-01-31 Jackie O Australian radio host
1990-01-31 Jacopo Fortunato Italian footballer
1980-01-31 James Adomian American actor
1938-01-31 James G. Watt 43rd United States Secretary of the Interior
1983-01-31 James Sutton British actor
1982-01-31 J?nis Sprukts Latvian hockey player
1964-01-31 Jeff Hanneman American musician (Slayer)
1984-01-31 Jeremy Wariner American track and field athlete
1941-01-31 Jessica Walter American actress
1977-01-31 Jim Kleinsasser American football player

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