FAMOUS people who share my birthday in which November 27th are Joe DeNardo, Ammo Baba, Gail Sheehy, Arthur Smith, Gran Hamada, Sheila Copps, Kevin O’Connell and 79 more great men and women.

These inspiring 79 famous, rich and wealthy popular celebrities, actors, actresses, leaders, sport figures or historic people come from more many different places such as United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Japan, Italy and Germany.

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1930-11-27 JOE DENARDO Pittsburgh Meteorologist
1933-11-27 JACQUES GODBOUT French Canadian novelist, journalist and filmmaker
1934-11-27 AMMO BABA Iraqi-Assyrian footballer
1935-11-27 LES BLANK American documentary filmmaker
1937-11-27 GAIL SHEEHY American writer
1939-11-27 DAVE GIUSTI American baseball player
1941-11-27 AIMÉ JACQUET French football manager
1942-11-27 HENRY CARR American athlete
1943-11-27 NICOLE BROSSARD French Canadian poet
1944-11-27 ARTHUR SMITH Australian underworld figure
1945-11-27 ALAIN DE CADENET Speed Channel personality
1945-11-27 BARBARA ANDERSON American actress
1948-11-27 JAMES AVERY American actor
1949-11-27 MASANORI SEKIYA Japanese racing driver
1950-11-27 GRAN HAMADA Japanese professional wrestler
Famous People Who Share My Birthday in November
1951-11-27 JAYNE KENNEDY American sportscaster and actress
1951-11-27 KATHRYN BIGELOW American film director
1952-11-27 DARYL STUERMER American guitarist (Genesis)
1952-11-27 JAMES D. WETHERBEE American astronaut
1952-11-27 SHEILA COPPS Canadian politician
1953-11-27 BORIS GREBENSHCHIKOV Russian singer (Aquarium)
1953-11-27 CURTIS ARMSTRONG American actor
1954-11-27 KIMMY ROBERTSON American actress
1954-11-27 PATRICIA MCPHERSON American actress
1955-11-27 BILL NYE American engineer and broadcaster
1955-11-27 PIERRE MONDOU Canadian ice hockey player
1956-11-27 WILLIAM FICHTNER American actor
1957-11-27 CAROLINE KENNEDY American journalist and attorney
1957-11-27 KENNY ACHESON Northern Irish racecar driver
1957-11-27 KEVIN O’CONNELL American sound re-recording mixer
1958-11-27 MIKE SCIOSCIA American baseball player and manager

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