FAMOUS people who share my birthday in which October 22nd are Liliane Bettencourt, Fritz Wintersteller, Ursula K. Le Guin, Frances FitzGerald, Lou Lamoriello, Tom Everett, Brian Tobin and 98 more great men and women.

Men who were born on October 22nd are known by their sun sign LIBRA – The Balance. It is the seventh sign of the zodiac. They are easily accept opinions of others, rather ambitious, their feelings easily hurt. Libra people are easygoing and can get along with people nicely. Some of them are romantic, diplomatic, peaceful, idealistic and hospitable types.

Gifts Suggestion For Men Who Born on October 22nd

Thinking of buying your Libra man for his birthday on October 22nd? Looking for the perfect gift for him can be a daunting task. Here are recommended gifts that you could think more that can be bought online or in a gift shop:

  1. Glass Half Full Birthday Card
  2. Turning 20: Large Leather Travel / Writing Journal
  3. For boyfriend who is turning 21: Neon Parrot with Cocktails Light-up Bar Sign
  4. Turning 25: Engraved Round Silver Flask with Crystals
  5. Turning 30: Year You Were Born Personalized 30th Birthday T-Shirt
  6. Turning 40: Look Good 40 Birthday Boxer Shorts
  7. Turning 50: Getting Better with Time 50th Birthday T-Shirt
  8. Turning 60: Flair Hair with Gray Hair and Camo Visor
  9. Turning 70: Personalized Birthday Cake Plaque
  10. For guys who have everything: the choice of silver black crystal cufflinks, silver blue crystal cufflinks, silver car automatic files cufflinks or a pair silver circular chain cufflink

Famous People Who Share Birthday on October 22nd

These inspiring 98 famous, rich and wealthy popular celebrities, actors, actresses, leaders, sport figures or historic people who come from many different places such as United States, Austria, Pakistan and Canada.

Discover list of October 22nd – birthdays of 98 well known people – Page 1/3:

1922-10-22 LILIANE BETTENCOURT heir to L’Oreal
1924-10-22 JOYCE RANDOLPH American actress
1927-10-22 FRITZ WINTERSTELLER Austrian mountaineer
1928-10-22 WHITEY FORD American baseball player
1929-10-22 URSULA K. LE GUIN American author
1930-10-22 IVAN STEPANOVICH SILAYEV – Last prime minister of the Soviet Union
1931-10-22 VIVIAN PICKLES English actress
1940-10-22 MANFRED MANN English musician
1940-10-22 GEOFF BOYCOTT English cricketer
1940-10-22 FRANCES FITZGERALD American journalist and author
1941-10-22 STEVE CROPPER American musician
1942-10-22 ELVIN BISHOP American musician
1942-10-22 ALLAN GRICE Australian racing driver
1942-10-22 JUDY SHEINDLIN American judge (“Judge Judy”)
1942-10-22 LOU LAMORIELLO New Jersey Devils General Manager
Famous People Who Share My Birthday in October
1943-10-22 TARIQ ALI Pakistani author and historian
1945-10-22 EVERETT MCGILL American actor
1946-10-22 LEE LOUGHNANE American musician
1946-10-22 JIM HILL American sportscaster
1948-10-22 TOM EVERETT American actor
1948-10-22 ALLEN VIGNERON American Catholic Archbishop of Detroit
1948-10-22 SHAYE COHEN Historian and Professor at Harvard University
1949-10-22 MIKE KEENAN Canadian ice hockey coach
1949-10-22 BENJAMIN NETANYAHU – 9th Prime Minister of Israel
1952-10-22 TREVOR CHAPPELL Australian cricketer
1952-10-22 ALLEN HOEY American poet and novelist
1952-10-22 PATTI DAVIS American actress and novelist
1953-10-22 PETER MANDELSON British politician
1953-10-22 CHARLOTTE CAFFEY American musician (The Go-Go’s)
1954-10-22 BRIAN TOBIN Canadian premier of Newfoundland
1956-10-22 CARRIE FISHER American actress and writer

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