FAMOUS people who share my birthday in which October 23rd are Christian de Duve, Wolfhart Pannenberg, Dave Barrett, Gheorghe Gruia, Avery Brooks, Annie Leibovitz, Wade Dooley and 86 more great men and women. See table bellow.

Men who were born on October 23rd are known by their sun sign LIBRA – The Balance. It is the seventh sign of the zodiac. They are active and brave. Easygoing and can get along with people nicely. Some of them are diplomatic, idealistic and hospitable types.

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Famous People Who Share Birthday on October 23rd

These inspiring 86 famous, rich and wealthy popular celebrities, actors, actresses, leaders, sport figures or historic people who come from many different places such as United States, Italy, Germany and Canada.

Discover list of October 23rd – birthdays of 86 well known people – Page 1 of 3:

1917-10-23 CHRISTIAN DE DUVE English-born biologist, Nobel laureate
1926-10-23 JAN MORRIS English writer
1928-10-23 WOLFHART PANNENBERG – German theologian
1929-10-23 CESARE MAESTRI Italian climber, famous for climbing Cerro Torre
1930-10-23 DAVE BARRETT Premier of British Columbia
1932-10-23 MAURY WILLS American baseball player
1933-10-23 PHILL NIBLOCK American composer, filmmaker and videographer
1936-10-23 DICK BARNETT American basketball player
1938-10-23 REX REED American movie critic and actor
1940-10-23 GHEORGHE GRUIA Romanian handball player
1941-10-23 ZAREH BARONIAN Armenian theologian
1943-10-23 FRANKLIN ROSEMONT – American artist
1945-10-23 DON MCLEAN American songwriter
1946-10-23 ERIC PETERSON Canadian actor
1948-10-23 AVERY BROOKS American actor
Famous People Who Share My Birthday in October
1948-10-23 TREVOR BROOKING English footballer
1948-10-23 DONNA KARAN American fashion designer
1948-10-23 SIIM KALLAS Prime Minister of Estonia
1949-10-23 RICHARD HELL American musician
1949-10-23 ANNIE LEIBOVITZ American photographer
1950-10-23 IAN MCNEICE English actor
1950-10-23 MIKE RUTHERFORD English musician (Genesis)
1951-10-23 ROMINA POWER Italian singer
1951-10-23 STING English musician and actor
1952-10-23 WAHED WAFA Afghan singer
1952-10-23 JAN SVEJNAR Czech politician
1952-10-23 ROBIN RIKER American actress
1954-10-23 LORRAINE BRACCO American actress
1955-10-23 PHIL OAKEY English singer (The Human League)
1957-10-23 WADE DOOLEY English rugby union player
1960-10-23 LOTHAR SCHLAPP German footballer

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